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Academic Calendar

 1  JUNE/JULY  12th HSC vocational admissions Opening of the College through On line Teaching
 2  AUGUST  Celebration of Independence Day
 3  SEPTEMBER  12th ,1st On Line Unit Test 4th week
11th HSC vocational admissions ,Principal’s address
12th On line Mid Term Test 4th week
 4  OCTOBER  11th Parents Teacher Meet 2nd week
11th Unit test 1st for 11th (Off line Exam) & 12th Terminal Exam. 4th week
 5  NOVEMBER  Diwali Vacation
 6  DECEMBER  XI th Terminal (Off line Exam) & 12th 2nd Unit Test 3rd week
 7  JANUARY  Republic Day celebration
 8  FEBRUARY  11th 2nd Unit Test & 12th Prelim Practical Exam.
 9  MARCH  12th HSC Board Exam.
 10  APRIL  11th Practical Exam & Second Semester
 11  MAY  OJT for 11th students .