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  • The Goal of Physical education is proper and all- round development of a human being with the help of some guided instructions and by the use of various kinds of activates which should be conducted in accordance with the needs and social standards.
  • Making the maximum contribution to the development of on individual’s potentialities in all areas of life which can be done by placing him in an environment to promote muscular and related responses.
  • Main goal of physical education is to develop of personality of an individually in such a way that he can live comfortably and successfully in the changed environment and conditions
  • Generate Sportive spirit among students through competetition and prepare students for national and international level sports and games.

  • Development of health and physique of the individual.
  • Mental or emotional development of the individual.
  • Development of neuro muscular capabilities.
  • Development of physical efficiency and also to maintain it throughout the life
  • Development of some important and useful skills
  • To help individual to learn efficiently in physical activities and also to perform actively in other activities of life
  • To develop understanding of time mass energy and related concepts.
  • To provide all the individuals a controlled or equal opportunities to participate in physical activities
  • To develop the motor abilities of the individual.